Nicole Gottselig

Senior Content Manager and Content Strategist 
Let's Tell Your Brand's Story

About Me

I'm a senior content manager and content strategist with 10 years’ experience working on remote and in-house teams. 

As an in-house writer, corporate communicator and editor, my employers have included two international multi-sport games (Winter Olympic Games and the Pan Am/Parapan Games); government and the financial sector. 

Some of my freelance clients have included innovation hubs, property management firms, consumer magazines and digital media agencies. 

Why You Need a Professional Content Strategist

Content is king.

As overused as the phrase is, content is your website's most important element.

You can have the best product, service or idea in the world, but if your content doesn’t make your audience feel compelled to act, then it’s useless.  

I make sure you're using the right words for the audience you're trying to reach.

Whether that’s through conversion copywriting, content marketing or editorial features, I create content that pulls in a reader and increases open rates and buy-in.

Working with Me as Your Content Strategist is Simple

  • First, we'll talk about your audience and what your ideas, goals and objectives are

  • After listening to your ideas, I’ll work to your creative brief or, if you prefer, I'll offer feedback and create an outline of ideas for you to consider

  • Next, I’ll create authentic, reader friendly content for your target readers, so they'll feel drawn into a narrative that connects them to your product or service

  • Finally, we’ll discuss the results and any changes you’d like

Writing Samples

Browse through the tabs for samples of my work. 

Get in Touch

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